📥Get Testnet gBTC/ gOS Tokens

For a hassle-free experience in acquiring free gBTC/gOS Testnet tokens, simply utilize the Gelios faucet, accessible at https://faucet.gelios.io/

This is a dedicated site designed to provide Gelios users with a small amount of testnet gBTC/gOS tokens at no cost.

Here's how:

1. Visit the official Gelios faucet site: https://faucet.gelios.io/

2. Input your Metamask address (Make sure that it's set to the Gelios Testnet network) .

3. Choose the token you wish to receive.

4. Click 'Send' and fulfill the CAPTCHA verification.

Your gBTC/gOS testnet tokens should appear in your MetaMask wallet shortly, typically within minutes.

gOS (Testnet): 0xe1f657bdC5f0b4700E825e8ECB0C4E53e2d2596e

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