Gas Contributor Airdrop

The Gelios Gas Booster is a groundbreaking initiative designed to recognize and reward the invaluable contributions of our community members to the growth and development of the Gelios ecosystem. This feature allocates approximately 22.30% of the total token supply, amounting to 4,683,000,000 gOS tokens.

Designed with fairness and inclusivity in mind, the Gas Booster operates in 04 phases, each lasting 24 hours. This structure ensures that all participants, regardless of their contribution timing, have an equal opportunity to receive tokens commensurate with their spending.

Here are the key metrics for token distribution:

Each phase of the Gas Booster airdrop distributes over 1.17 billion tokens, totaling approximately 16,725 gBTC. Contributors receive gOS tokens proportionally based on their spending within the specified phases.

a. Scenario 1 - Total Gas Collected < 16,725 gBTC: In this scenario, all gas contributors receive tokens corresponding to the value of gas charged. Any remaining tokens are burned.

b. Scenario 2 - Gas > 16,725 gBTC: If the total gas collected exceeds 16,725 gBTC, all of 1.17 billion tokens will be airdropped to gas contributors based on the percentage of gas contributed. In such cases, the gOS token value may be smaller than gBTC gas charged value. Consequently, the distribution of Gas Booster rewards will occur concurrently with the refund of excess gBTC, calculated as the difference between the total gas collected and 16,725 gBTC.

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