🗝️Entry Key

An Entry Key within the Gelios Blockchain ecosystem serves as an exclusive passport, granting early developers privileged access to the innovative features and benefits inherent in the platform. It is a pivotal component that not only opens doors to exploration but also plays a central role in validating the eligibility of the Node Rewards.

What is the Entry Key?

Gelios's Entry Key is a non-fungible token (NFT), a digital asset uniquely crafted to symbolize active participation, commitment, and contribution within the Gelios community. This Key boasts distinctive NFT traits, rendering it irreplaceable and traceable on the blockchain. It's important to note that Gelios Keys are intentionally non-transferable, reinforcing the idea that each Key is a personal and non-divisible representation of the active role and commitment of its possessor within the Gelios community.

Key Function

The Key acts as tangible validation for Gelios node supporters, the entities who engage in the Node Station program. Each Key plays a crucial role, serving as a prerequisite for holders to assert claims and receive incentives. This establishes a transparent and verifiable mechanism within the Gelios network.

In essence, the Gelios Key is more than a digital credential; it is a vital eligibility criterion, ensuring that those actively involved in supporting and sustaining the Gelios network receive due recognition and rewards.

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