🏪Gelios Governance Token

gOS token is the governance token for Gelios blockchain. It is operated under a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model, representing a significant departure from conventional governance structures. In this innovative approach, $gOS token holders wield the power to collectively decide on all changes and updates to the Gelios blockchain.

At the forefront of innovation, Gelios blockchain proudly pioneers a decentralized autonomous platform on the Bitcoin network, emphasizing a community-centric approach. Unlike conventional token issuance methods that often fall prey to token concentration in the hands of crypto giants, Gelios sets a new standard for decentralization with a radical commitment to fairness. No exceptions, no reserved portions for dev – just a shared journey towards a decentralized future. Gelios ensures that every gOS token is distributed through impartial airdrop activities, establishing a level playing field for all participants.

In this spirit, 62.7% of gOS tokens are allocated for Key Holders, offering exclusive benefits and responsibilities to those actively engaged in the Gelios ecosystem. The remaining 37.3% is dedicated to the broader community, ensuring that the governance landscape is a true reflection of the collective will of Gelios enthusiasts. Refer to gOS Allocation for detailed metrics.


  • No VC, no pre-sale, no pre-mining, no dev-reserved.

  • 100% gOS tokens are airdropped to the community after Mainnet.

  • 62.7% of gOS tokens are allocated for Key Holders; 37.3% for Community Airdrop.

  • Every collected Gas Fee related to gOS tokens will be refunded back to the community.

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