🗣️Referral Program

Welcome to the Gelios blockchain Referral Program – an exclusive opportunity for you to enhance your Gelios experience while earning exciting rewards. Joining Gelios Blockchain comes at no cost, and you can immediately engage in the referral program upon connecting your preferred digital wallet, whether it's Metamask or Unisat.

By referring friends to the Gelios ecosystem, you earn a substantial 5% commission each time your referral purchases an Entry Key. There is no limit to this referral process, so the more Keys your referrals buy, the more you stand to earn.

New Users Only

The person you're sharing the referral code/link must be new user who has not applied any Gelios referral code/link before. The referral connection is established only when they choose to enter your referral code during their initial engagement with Gelios.

Wallet Choices

You can generate a referral code using either Metamask or Unisat. However, it's crucial to note that the rewards will be paid based on the referral's wallet choice.

For instance, if the referral opts for Unisat to purchase the Key, the 5% commission will be transferred to you via Unisat. So, ensure your chosen wallet is activated to receive the commission.

Distribution Time

Commissions earned through the referral program don't immediately transition to claimable status but remain in a pending state for a while. The distribution occurs when the vesting period concludes, allowing you to claim your well-deserved rewards. Throughout this period, you can effortlessly monitor the commission balance and history through Gelios's user-friendly interface.

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