🔑How Key Benefits Users

1. Financial Opportunities:

Gelios Key is a digital key that provides holders with avenues to earn and grow their financial stake within the ecosystem.

💻 Node Station Incentive

For dedicated node supporters, the Entry Key is the gateway to unlocking substantial rewards. Gelios recognizes and rewards node supporters for their vital role in enhancing network performance and resilience. These rewards are sourced from transaction fees deducted within the Gelios Blockchain.

Reward distribution takes place at specific intervals, and it's crucial to note that only those who complete the KYC process and register early are eligible to receive these operational rewards.

  • Eligibility: Key holders who complete the KYC and register early

  • Reward = [Reward per Key]*[Number of Keys]

  • Value: gBTC

💰 Key Incentive

Every Gelios Key is endowed with a predetermined number of tokens, forming a built-in reward system for users. By merely holding the Key, users unlock a seamless flow of benefits, creating a direct link between ownership and rewards. The distribution of these tokens follows a transparent schedule, ensuring fairness and predictability in the reward system, mirroring Gelios' commitment to a dynamic and user-centric ecosystem.

🌱 Farm Access

The Key Farm initiative presents users with an exceptional opportunity to participate in farming activities and reap benefits leveraging Gelios Keys. This exclusive privilege is a dedicated token of gratitude for our early supporters. However, it's important to note that this feature will be operational for a limited duration of 45 days , after which it will transition into a deactivated state.

💸 Gas Sharing

Gelios Key extends its value proposition by providing users with an additional bonus through the Gas Sharing opportunity. This distinctive feature ensures that every Gelios Key holder, irrespective of their current node-running status, enjoys a supplemental advantage in the form of shared gas fees.

  • Eligibility: All Key Holders

2. Governance Engagement

Gelios Keys come with the benefit of gOS token rewards, elevating Key holders to essential contributors within Gelios's decentralized governance structure. This empowers Key holders to actively engage in decision-making processes, having a direct say in the implementation of updates, changes, and improvements to the Gelios blockchain.

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