🪙gOS Allocation

In crafting the Gelios ecosystem, we place immense importance on transparency and community participation, epitomized by the meticulous allocation of gOS tokens. With a total supply of 21 billion gOS tokens, the distribution is purposeful and diverse, ensuring active contributors to Gelios receive their due recognition.

1. Key Incentive (57.60%)

- Allocation: 12,096,000,000 gOS

- Vesting Period: Monthly over 12 months

Key holders form the bedrock of Gelios's decentralized and transparent operational model. They actively contribute to the Gelios ecosystem's health and vitality, ensuring its robustness, security, and sustained growth. Gelios places immense value on the community's commitment, and the Key Incentive is a testament to this appreciation.

Vesting Structure:

  • To instill a sense of long-term commitment and dedication, the rewards for Key holders follow a monthly vesting schedule over the span of 12 months.

  • Key incentive will be distributed from the initiation of the Key Sale event.

2. Key Farm (5.10%)

- Allocation: 1,071,000,000 gOS

- Vesting Period: 45 days, starting after Farm launch.

Key Farm is a mechanism specifically tailored to benefit those who participate in the early stages of Gelios's development. The sooner individuals participate, the greater their share of the Key Farm rewards.

Rewards and Vesting Structure:

- Key holders receive rewards proportional to the number of Keys they hold.

- 1,071,000,000 gOS tokens allocated to Key Farm will vest over a duration of 45 days, initiating after the Farm launch.

- After vesting all tokens, the Farm feature will conclude.

3. Strategic Partner (5.00%)

- Allocation: 1,050,000,000 gOS

- Vesting: Monthly vesting in 6 months

The tokens allocated to Strategic Partners are reserved for entities that demonstrate a commitment to Gelios' vision and contribute significantly to the ecosystem's development. These partnerships may include:

  • projects building on Gelios;

  • crypto projects/ marketing agencies aligned with Gelios long-term goals.

Vesting Structure:

  • 1,050,000,000 gOS tokens are released over time, aligning with the collaborative and long-term nature of the partnerships.

4. Gas Booster (22.30%)

- Allocation: 4,683,000,000 gOS

The Gas Booster allocation is a testament to Gelios' commitment to fairness and equal opportunities. It is created to acknowledge the valuable contributions of community members who have actively participated in the growth of the Gelios ecosystem.

Equal Opportunities:

  • Embracing the principles of fairness and equal opportunity, the Gas Booster allocation is distributed through a series of four phases, each lasting 24 hours.

  • This approach ensures that users, regardless of when they contribute, have an equal chance to receive tokens proportionally to their spend.

Token Distribution Metrics:

  • Each phase of the Gas Booster airdrop distributes over 1.17 billion tokens, totaling 16,725 gBTC.

  • Contributors receive tokens proportionally based on their spending within the specified phases, creating a transparent and merit-based distribution model.

5. System Contributors (10.00%)

- Allocation: 2,100,000,000 gOS

- Vesting: 2nd month & 3rd month after Mainnet

System Contributors encompass individuals or groups who actively engage in a series of actions that serve the development, enhancement, and overall progress of the Gelios blockchain. Contributions can range from development efforts to community building, promotional activities, and other forms of support that significantly impact Gelios' growth.

Airdrop Criteria:

The airdrop for System Contributors is based on various factors, including:

  • the number of participants;

  • the level of completion of tasks;

  • the overall contribution made;

And so forth. Gelios aims to recognize and reward those who go above and beyond in fostering the platform's evolution.

How to Contribute and Participate:

Individuals or groups interested in becoming System Contributors can explore Gelios' designated channels for community airdrop. Gelios encourages a diverse range of contributions, and those who actively contribute to the platform's growth may be eligible for recognition and rewards through the System Contributors allocation.

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