Gelios is charting a pioneering course towards becoming the inaugural layer Decentralized Application (DApp) on the Bitcoin network. Our journey is rooted in a steadfast commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, where every choice we make in the development process is underpinned by extensive research, thoughtful consideration, and rigorous testing. To navigate the complexities of translating theoretical advancements into practical, user-centric solutions, we've structured our development strategy into three distinct phases: Testnet, Alphanet, and Mainnet. Each phase represents a critical step forward in our quest to deliver unparalleled security, privacy, and user experience.

Phase 1: Testnet

Testnet Details:

The Testnet serves as our foundational stage, offering an initial glimpse into the functionalities and unique benefits that set Gelios apart. This preliminary version is designed for comprehensive functionality testing, allowing users to interact with our platform and provide valuable feedback. However, it's important to note that this version, based on the v0.03-RC20, is not without its limitations. Performance, transaction processing speed, and scalability may not fully reflect our ultimate vision due to its reliance on a somewhat outdated framework. We recognize the potential for enhancements in this version; however, any updates are deferred to mitigate the risk of technical conflicts and preserve the integrity of the user experience until the Alphanet phase is fully operational.

Phase 2: AlphaNet

The AlphaNet represents a more refined iteration, closely mirroring the operational capabilities expected of the Mainnet version. Enhancements in this phase over the Testnet include system optimization, the development, adaptation, and integration of various components from CDK Polygon and Celestia DA. In this Alphanet, users are allowed to deposit actual assets (gBTC ~ BTC) into Gelios for a real experience and the chance to generate profits.

Gelios Alphanet Details:

Phase 3: Mainnet

This phase will see the integration of all tested and refined features from the previous phases, presenting a robust platform ready for widespread adoption. The Mainnet aims to deliver a seamless, secure, and efficient user experience, solidifying Gelios's position as a leader in the DApp space on the Bitcoin network.

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