💡How to deploy a contract on Gelios AlphaNet?

First thing first, you will need to add Gelios AlphaNet to Metamask.

Once the network has been added, follow these steps to deploy the contract:

  1. Initiating the Connection: We will be optimizing Remix IDE for contract deployment, so start by navigating to https://remix.ethereum.org/

  2. Open the Contract: Within the Remix IDE, locate the File Explorer. Navigate to the 'contracts' directory and select '1_Storage.sol'. This action prepares the contract for compilation and deployment.

  1. Compile the Contract:

  • Shift your focus to the 'Solidity Compiler' tab.

  • From the available options, select the '0.8.17 solidity compiler' version to ensure compatibility.

  • Click the 'Compile' button to compile your chosen contract. This step is crucial for verifying the contract's syntax and preparing it for deployment.

  1. Deploying the Contract

  • Now, move to the 'DEPLOY & RUN TRANSACTIONS' tab, where you'll proceed with the contract deployment.

  • Set the Environment to 'Injected Provider - MetaMask'. This option integrates Remix with your MetaMask wallet, enabling on-chain transactions.

  • A MetaMask popup will appear, prompting you to grant permission for Remix to connect to https://remix.ethereum.org/. Approving this request is vital for proceeding.

  1. Contract Deployment:

From the dropdown menu, select the contract you've just compiled. This ensures that the correct contract is ready for deployment.

Click the 'Deploy' button to initiate the deployment process. This action will trigger another MetaMask popup, requiring you to confirm the transaction details and complete the deployment.

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