🔐How to get Entry Keys?

Before diving into the process, make sure you have the essentials ready to transact on the Gelios platform.


  • Obtain a Unisat or EVM wallet to store your cryptocurrency and Gelios Keys.

  • Recommended: Get both, as referral commissions can be credited to any wallet.


  • Deposit a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency into your chosen wallet to mint Keys.

  • Gelios Keys are currently available in BTC (Bitcoin) or wBTC (Ethereum, Arbitrum).

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Connect your wallet by clicking "Connect Unisat" or "Connect EVM", depending on your preference.

  1. Enter the desired number of Keys, adjusting as needed using +/- options.

  1. Select the network (Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Arbitrum) for the Key minting.

Note: Transactions made using Bitcoin and Ethereum networks may experience slower confirmation times compared to wBTC on the Arbitrum network.

  1. Enter the Recipient Address.

Keys are EVM-based, so ensure you provide the correct EVM address for a smooth experience.

  1. Include a Referral Code (Optional)

Gelios provides a default code; you can use a friend's referral code if available.

  1. Check the box to confirm agreement with 'Gelios Entry Node Agreement', then click 'Confirm Purchase' and sign.

  1. Review transaction details on the blockchain explorer by clicking on the provided ID/link.

Transactions may take a few minutes (up to 10 mins) to process; check your Inventory after a short while.

  • Submit your transaction within 1 minute; orders not submitted within this timeframe will not be approved.

  • Bulk minting may result in acquiring Keys across different tiers at varying prices.

  • If sold out, unconfirmed transactions will be refunded to your minting wallet.

  • Limitless Rewards!

    No caps on earnings or referrals. The more friends, the more Keys minted, the more you earn.

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