🗝️BTC as the Native Token

Gelios, as an application layer of Bitcoin, introduces innovative functionalities and applications while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with the robust Bitcoin network.

Gelios blockchain strategically employs Bitcoin, the digital gold, as the primary native token. Bitcoin's status as a store of value and a globally recognized cryptocurrency brings a layer of reliability and stability to Gelios. Users can benefit from the inherent trust associated with Bitcoin, creating a secure foundation for transactions and asset management:


BTC, being one of the most liquid and widely traded cryptocurrencies, ensures that users can seamlessly transact and engage with the Gelios Blockchain. This liquidity not only facilitates smooth operations but also attracts a broader user base, enhancing the overall vibrancy of the Gelios ecosystem.


Choosing BTC aligns Gelios with the broader Bitcoin ecosystem. Gelios users can seamlessly interact with the wider Bitcoin network, promoting interoperability and creating a unified experience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


By leveraging BTC as the main native token, Gelios significantly reduces friction in user adoption. Users who are already acquainted with Bitcoin find it more intuitive to transition to the Gelios ecosystem, eliminating the need for users to adapt to an entirely new token.


Bitcoin, while subject to market volatility, is often considered a relatively stable cryptocurrency compared to others. This characteristic can be advantageous for Gelios, mitigating concerns related to extreme price fluctuations that might affect the functionality and user experience of the blockchain.

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